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The decision to terminate parental rights

The decision to seek termination of parental rights can be a delicate, emotion-filled situation. As you go through this difficult process, you can rely on the lawyers at Moffett Law Firm to provide the compassionate legal representation that you and your family need.

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Reasons to Seek Our Lawyers for Parental Rights

There are several grounds for the termination of parental rights according to the Texas family law code. A few of these grounds include:

  • A parent knowingly leaves the child in circumstances which endanger the child
  • A parent knowingly engages in criminal conduct that results in conviction and incarceration for at least two years
  • A parent was the cause of an infant being bore with an illegal substance addiction
  • A parent fails to support a child for at least one year
  • A parent executes an affidavit of relinquishment of their parental rights
  • A parent abandons the mother of a child with the knowledge that they are pregnant

This is only a small subset of the complete list of twenty grounds for termination of parental rights. To schedule a consultation with the help of a parental rights attorney from The Moffett Law Firm, contact us online today.

When You Don’t Want Your Parental Rights Terminated

There are twenty grounds for the termination of parental rights. If one of the grounds is met, the Court or a Jury has the right to determine whether or not your parental rights should be terminated. The termination of rights is taken very seriously, and just because one condition is met does not mean that you will lose parental rights.

Getting representation from the right lawyers for parental rights can drastically improve your chances of retaining parental rights.

When Both Parents Want to Terminate Parental Rights

The District Courts within The State of Texas have a practical interest in your child. It is burdensome for the state to financially support a child when there are parents available to take on that responsibility. It may be difficult for both parents to relinquish rights, but most cases involving child custody boil down to one thing: the best interests of the child.

If the last remaining parent of a child agrees to pay a lump sum to reduce the financial burden of the state, then the termination of parental rights is more feasible.

If a conservator is willing to assume custody of the child, the courts may be more likely to relinquish parental rights of one of the parents.

If the termination of parental rights is in the best interests of the child due to one of the grounds of the Texas family law code being met, a Court may allow it.

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Contact a Reputable Parental Rights Attorney

If you are seeking to terminate the rights of a parent or to prevent your parental rights from being terminated by the courts, it is crucial to have an experienced attorney advocating for your rights. The Houston family law attorneys at Moffett Law Firm in Houston understands the complexities of these cases. To speak to lawyers for parental rights about your legal options, please call 713-333-5800 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation.

To speak to a lawyer about your legal options, please call 713-333-5800 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation.