Houston Divorce Mediation Attorneys

Divorce and other family law issues are often the basis for the most contentious disputes going through our court system. Litigating divorce matters in court can be draining, both emotionally and financially. Divorce mediation is an alternative method of reaching an amicable resolution while minimizing the time, expense, and emotional toll of a battle in court.

Houston divorce mediation lawyers

At Moffett Law Firm, our divorce attorneys provide high caliber negotiation and advocacy skills in our clients’ mediations. We have successfully guided clients through the mediation process with regard to their property division, alimony, child custody, and child support disputes while saving our clients time and money by avoiding lengthy court proceedings. If you are contemplating divorce or have been referred to mediation, contact our firm for a consultation with one of our experienced divorce attorneys.

Texas Divorce Mediation

Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party (the mediator) assists the parties and their counsel in the resolution of their family law case. Divorce mediation is non-binding but gives both parties a chance to develop their arguments while they hash out any disagreements in an informal environment. Mediation can be a cost-effective alternative to litigating divorce cases, and it is in fact required in most Texas family courts before the parties can proceed to trial.

A divorcing couple may attempt to resolve their issues through mediation at any time during the divorce process and can even go to mediation multiple times if earlier attempts fail to bring about a resolution. Although there is no guaranteed outcome, the vast majority of mediated cases settle before going to trial.

Bring an Experienced Houston Mediation Attorney to the Table

Although many mediators are themselves lawyers, it is essential to have your own mediation attorney in Houston present to represent you and advocate for your best possible outcome. This is because, while mediation itself is non-binding, any settlement agreement reached through mediation is binding once approved by the court. The divorce attorneys at Moffett Law Firm bring years of family law experience to the mediation table. We ensure that our clients are well-prepared before negotiations begin, and we protect our clients’ interests at the mediation itself.

Mediation gives the parties in a divorce the opportunity to craft specific agreements which are unique to their family and which may not be available to them in court. We listen carefully to our clients and develop a mediation strategy aimed at obtaining the settlement agreement that best suits their particular needs.

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If you are contemplating or going through a divorce, having an experienced attorney on your side is essential. Moffett Law Firm can help you resolve your case through mediation and represent you in court if necessary. Please call Moffett Law Firm at 713-333-5800 or contact us online to arrange for your confidential consultation with one of our experienced family law attorneys.

If you would like to seek a divorce utilizing either mediation or collaborative law, please call Moffett Law Firm at 713-333-5800 or contact us online to arrange for your confidential consultation with one of our experienced family law attorneys.