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Legal Name Changes in Texas

Under Texas law, name changes are allowed as part of an annulment or divorce proceeding. However, if the change is to occur as part of the divorce/annulment proceeding, the name change must be to a previously used name. (Otherwise the petitioner must file a separate lawsuit and provide evidence that the purpose of the name change is not to defraud creditors, avoid criminal charges, etc.)


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How Can I Change My Name Legally in Texas?

You may need to complete paperwork and screening such as a petition for an adult name change, and having fingerprints taken from a local police department.

Details of a Harris County name change can become very complex depending on your situation. Texas name change lawyers could save hours of time and frustration during the process.

Reasons for Name Changes in Houston

You may want to petition for a name change in Houston for several reasons. This may be to symbolize a new union or reclaim your previous name after a divorce. The paperwork for a legal name change in Texas is very detailed, although the name change process is relatively simple. You may wish to work with a Houston name change lawyer for the following reasons:

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Custody Change
  • Child Adoption
  • Paternity

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Changing Last Name After Marriage in Texas

After a marriage, you may wish to take your spouse’s last name, or both spouses may be interested in changing their last name to a hyphenated version. You or your spouse may also wish to change your name years into your marriage for one reason or another.

A name change to something completely new cannot be adopted into your divorce decree. To obtain a name change outside of a divorce, a separate suit must be initiated with evidence that the purpose of the name change is not to defraud creditors, avoid criminal prosecution, etc.

Changing Your Name After Divorce in Texas

A divorce or marriage annulment is one of the most common reasons to change your last name in Texas. As implied above, you must revert back to the original surname you had before your marriage, otherwise a separate suit must be filed.

Changing a Child’s Last Name in Texas

If you have recently adopted a child, you may wish to change their last name to yours as an act of family symbolism. Parent’s can only pursue a last name change in Texas for a child if the child is a minor.

Texas Name Change Attorney

Do you wish to change your name back to what it was before you were married? The attorneys at Moffett Law Firm can request a name change as part of your Texas divorce or help you complete the name changing steps after an earlier divorce action.

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