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The Moffett Law Firm CPS lawyers in Houston represent parents in Child Protective Services investigations. The goal in these cases is to work with CPS to make it clear that the alleged child abuse or child neglect is not happening, or to remedy any issue of child endangerment that is truly occurring in the home. And when CPS litigation is unavoidable, the firm’s experience is a powerful asset. If Child Protective Services files a petition in Family Court, clients of Moffett Law Firm can be confident that every measure will be taken to have the child returned home as quickly as possible.

CPS litigation involves the removal of children from their parents. In most cases, the children are placed in foster care or with relatives while their parents complete court-ordered services designed to remedy the situation that caused the CPS intervention.

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Although CPS is mandated by law to make an attempt at reunifying the family, it is common for CPS to run a concurrent suit seeking termination of parental rights.

Find a CPS Lawyer in Houston When Child Protective Services Makes a Mistake

Although their intentions are good, CPS can make mistakes resulting in innocent parents charged with wrongdoing or harming their children when it is simply not the case. Having the appropriate CPS legal representation is critical for an error such as this.

Your CPS attorney can inform you of the Texas CPS laws that you will need to leverage. For one example, when allegations of child endangerment are brought against you by Texas child protective services, you have the right to remain silent.

Further, a parent or guardian is also within their rights to stop a CPS case worker from entering their home. If the CPS representative asks to enter, the parent or guardian is allowed to say no. If the caseworker claims to be worried about the children, you can simply bring the representative to the doorway to demonstrate that the children are safe. If further entry attempts are requested, the caseworker will need a search warrant from the court.

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If you are involved in CPS litigation Moffett Law Firm can represent you and advocate to either close the investigation or defend you in court to return your children to your custody. Please give us a call at 713-333-5800 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

Please give us a call at 713-333-5800 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.