Houston Lawyers Handling Divorce, Child Support, Custody, and Other Family Law Matters

Family law disputes can touch and impact virtually all aspects of your day to day life. We understand the stress, hurt, anger, and pain that can accompany any family law matter. The attorneys and staff at Moffett Law Firm are here to help you every step of the way. We blend empathy and expertise into our litigation strategies because although you are facing technical legal issues, they can still have a very personal effect on your everyday life.

At Moffett Law Firm, we strive to develop and maintain long-term relationships with our clients by responding promptly to their needs and providing efficient and effective representation. We believe that you, your family, and your legal issues are unique and deserve unique, client-focused and case-specific solutions. 

We approach each client with the passion, patience, and empathy that your personal circumstances deserve. While some firms may take a generalized approach that impersonally labels clients according to their problems, we don’t believe that labels or generalizations will achieve the best possible outcome. Divorce law and family law cases are highly personal and they deeply affect you and your family for years, if not permanently. Matching your personal needs with personal and compassionate care will help us understand your case and develop a strong baseline from which to build on. 

Client-Focused and Empathetic Divorce Attorneys in Houston & Its Surrounding Areas

We have found that many clients enter our office with goals and ideas of what will happen or should happen based on incorrect information they have gathered from the internet, friends, family and other sources. At Moffett Law Firm we believe it is imperative that our clients are educated about the process, laws, and what the client can reasonably expect to occur in a given matter. 

Some Firms may tell a client what the client wants to hear, however, we believe it is our duty to honestly and accurately educate and inform our clients, and provide an honest and straightforward evaluation of their case. We know that only then can a client make a truly informed decision about their goals and the best strategy to achieve them. By fully informing you, and guiding you to fully inform us, we become better equipped to bringing our expertise to your case. Our goal is to work as a thorough and steadfast adviser with you, without making assumptions about the nuances of your family or divorce law case. 

Our team of Houston divorce lawyers has significant experience with highly litigated cases surrounding all areas of Family Law including significantly contested custody cases, high net worth estates, and complex assets. We find value in setting realistic, yet aggressive expectations while simultaneously acting as honest and trusted advisers to you.